What is a package of care?

At Kindcare, our primary goal is to fulfill the individual needs of our patients

Package of care services from NHS discharge

We recognise and welcome the things that make each and every one of our patients different. No two patients are the same. So, why should a care package be? Our care services are specifically designed to be tailored to you or your loved one’s specific needs after NHS discharge. Thanks to our ground-up approach to care packages, you never have to worry that you might be given care that is unsuitable or unnecessary for what you need.

We deliver custom packages of care to all across Cornwall, including Helston, Porthleven West Cornwall, as well as Praa Sands, Breage, Godolphin, and Ashton.

What does a package of care support do?

POCs are designed to make discharge from a hospital easier. After long stays in hospital care, the jump back into home living can be difficult for the patient as well as their family. Without proper preparation and a qualified carer, the wellbeing and health of patients can be at significant risk.

Upon assessment, our teams will be able to create an individualised care package that is unique to you or your loved one. Your individual needs will be met and will be regularly reviewed so that your care is always capable of bringing you comfort and peace of mind.

Our follow-on care is rooted in making the transition to home care much more enjoyable and comfortable for the patient. You or your loved one may have experienced a certain level of care in hospital, and may have been away from home for some time. It’s our job to acclimatize you back to your own surroundings, adapting and structuring your home to facilitate your recovery and your long-term care.

Our carers help to structure patient’s routines and surroundings in a way that helps to comfort them, and make their recovery or care the best it can be. Similarly, our carers provide specific care services specifically for patients, meaning that they receive exactly the right care that they need at any given time.

Individual care packages in Cornwall

As a Cornish care provider, our roots are embedded deep into the local community. We work closely with local Cornwall authorities to deliver impeccable care not seen anywhere else in the area.

We can arrange direct liaison with NHS services at Treliske Hospital and West Cornwall Hospital, meaning we can easily transfer responsibilities on the day of your or your loved one’s NHS discharge. Similarly, we can collaborate directly with your family or support system, giving you all the help you need, whenever you might need it.

Our follow-on care is designed with the patient as the top priority, and we guarantee to offer support for all kinds of health conditions, whatever they might be.