Home care in Helston, Cornwall

As a care provider that prioritizes the comfort above all else, we offer domiciliary services that give our patients the full experience of support, whilst being able to enjoy the familiarity of their home.

What is Home Care?

Everyone’s needs are a little bit different. Sometimes, care homes and group living aren’t appropriate, or just don’t match what our clients are looking for. Whether someone needs a bit of help at home after a hospital visit, or if a person requires assistance in daily tasks, our fully-accredited, DBS-checked carers are ready to bring help and support for all of West Cornwall.

What does home care involve?

Many people are understandably interested in what home carers can afford to themselves or their loved ones. There are a long list of responsibilities that can be given to home carers, ranging from emotional support to comprehensive physical care.

Some common carer responsibilities include:

  • Help in meal preparation and cooking
  • Offering emotional support and companionship
  • Provide transport and mobility support
  • Undertake basic cleaning duties and organizing
  • Assistance with dressing, bathing and hygiene

Is home care the right choice?

When considering care options, the person must always come first. In home care, patients avoid any distress caused by introductions to new surroundings, places or people, meaning they can much more easily find comfort in the care provided to them.

Home care is also very useful as it is a personal and intimate form of care. Those who do not wish to be social with larger groups of patients will find the one-to-one format of home care to be very appealing. Similarly, due to the individualist support given by our carers, patients can more easily foster a friendly relationship, and can develop trust much more quickly.

If you’re considering domiciliary care for yourself, or you are considering services for a loved one, it can be difficult to know when the best time to contact care might be. Below you will find a number of example scenarios to show at which points domicile care becomes useful:

“Joe is an 88 year old man from Helston. Joe is elderly, but still reads the newspaper and likes to go on walks. However, Joe is struggling to complete some daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Joe requires a carer to visit his home to assist and sometimes undertake tasks for him and to accompany him on trips out”.
“Margaret and Tom are a long-term couple in their 70s in Porthleven. Tom developed dementia about 1 year ago. Margaret looks after Tom in their family home in Porthleven, but a carer makes regular visits to assist Tom in tasks and assist Margaret in support”.
“Due to her declining health, Lucy’s family receive support from a home carer to administer medicine, assist with certain medical equipment and feed Lucy during meals”.

As you may have noticed, the requirements for home care differ from person to person. Every elderly patient has lived a life that’s completely unique to them, leaving them with specific needs for housing, companionship and medical care. This is why our home care is crafted to be as unique as you or your loved one, offering them a bespoke and personalized care package to fulfill their needs.

When you, or someone you care about needs extra assistance at home, don’t suffer. Whether you’re in Godolphin, Breage, Ashton, or Praa Sands, our teams of empathetic and qualified carers are ready to deliver excellent patient care to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Contact us today to have a chat with one of our team members.